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[[ Chapter 22 ]]
Thursday, September 30, 2004
6:41 AM

Chapter 22"A Warm Wind"
After Wilbur returns to the barn, he places the egg sac in a very safe place. He took great care of the egg sac. Soon winter passed. The eggs hatch and tiny spiders start to creep out of the egg sac. Few days later, a lot of them formed a balloon and sailed away. Templeton grew fatter than any rat that had existed. Wilbur kept his promise and gave Templeton all his food. Templeton was as big as a baby woodchuck. Years passed, Wilbur was accompanied by three of Charlotte’s children. They are Aranea, Joy, and Nellie. Mr Zuckerman took great care of Wilbur as long as he live. Wilbur could not forget his best friend Charlotte for all she had done for him.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 21 ]]

Chapter 21"Last Day"
Charlotte was dying but she was glad that Wilbur will not be killed by Christmas time. Wilbur realized that Charlotte was a true, loyal friend and she wasn’t any blood thirsty, cruel spider. Charlotte was too weak going back to the barn. Wilbur decided to take Charlotte’s egg sac with him back to the barn. Wilbur calls upon Templeton to help him get the egg sac for him, but Templeton was unwilling of helping anymore and he did it slowly. But the Zuckermans and Arables are coming so Wilbur promised to let him eat his food when they get back to the farm. Upon hearing this, Templeton increases his speed in getting the egg sac. Before Wilbur left, he look at Charlotte for the last time and Charlotte uses all her strength and waved a last goodbye to Wilbur. Charlotte mind was at ease, as she knew that Wilbur is going to take good care of her babies. And Charlotte died a lonely death.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 20 ]]

Chapter 20"The Hour of Triumph"
Wilbur was given a bronze medal and Mr Zuckerman was given twenty-five dollars. Everyone was happy. Everyone came to praises Wilbur. Wilbur couldn’t take the praise anymore and he fainted. But Templeton bite Wilbur’s tail and he woke up again. Lurvy accidentally splashed the water all over Mr Zuckerman and Avery. Mr Zuckerman got angry but when the crowd roared with laughters, Mr Zuckerman laughs too. Avery took this time to made a joke out of himself, and he won applauses and laughters from the crowd.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 19 ]]

Chapter 19"The Egg Sac"
The next morning, Wilbur was curious about the egg sac that Charlotte had made. Wilbur saw Charlotte looking tired and shrunk up. Charlotte explains to Wilbur that the egg sac contains five hundred and fourteen eggs and the egg sac is also waterproof. But Charlotte was upset because she was getting weaker and weaker and she felt that she would not be able to survive and see her eggs hatch. Templeton returns with a bad news saying that uncle had won the first prize. The Zuckermans and Fern felt sad too as they also knew that uncle won the first price. But when an announcement was made saying that Wilbur will be awarded the special prize, the Zuckermans and Fern felt happy once again.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 18 ]]

Chapter 18"The Cool of the Evening"
In the cool evening, when shadows darkened the fair grounds, Templeton crept from the crate and looked around. Wilbur lay asleep in the straw. Charlotte was building a web. Charlotte had her web almost finish when Templeton returned, carrying the newspaper clipping. She had left a space in the web. After some conversation, with Charlotte, Templeton rushed into the shadows. By the time the Arable and the Zuckerman and Lurvy returned from the place, Charlotte had finished her web. Nobody noticed it in the darkness. Everyone is tired and happy.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 17 ]]

Chapter 17"Uncle"
When they pulled into the fair grounds, they could hear music and see the Ferris wheel in the sky. They could smell the dust of the race track where the sprinkling cart had moistened it and they could smell hamburger. While Wilbur was being unloaded and taken out of the crate and into his pigeon, crowds gathered to watch. Charlotte, watching her chance, scrambled out of the crate and climbed a past to the underside of the roof. Nobody notice her. Charlotte saw a pig size much bugger than Wilbur. Charlotte ask for its name and he was called uncle.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 16 ]]

Chapter 16"Off to the Fair"

The night before Country Fair, everybody went to
bed early. When morning comes, everybody got up at day light. The day was hot. Everybody was well dress. Mrs Zuckerman decided to give Wilbur a buttermilk bath. Her grandmother used to bathe the pig with buttermilk when it got dirty. Wilbur stood still and closed his eyes. He could feel the buttermilk trickling down his sides. He opened his mouth and some buttermilk ran in. Mrs Zuckerman got though and rubde him dry, he was the cleanest pig they even saw. Charlotte and Templeton hide in the crate and follow Wilbur to the fair

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 15 ]]

Chapter 15"The Crickets"
The crickets sang in the grass. They sang the song of summer ending, a sad, monotonies song. The crickets felt it was their duty to warn everybody that summer time cannot last forever. Wilbur knew it was almost time for the country fair and he was looking forward to the trip. If he could distinguish himself at the fair, and maybe win some prize money, he was sure Zuckerman would let him live. Charlotte had worries for himself, but she kept quiet about them. One morning, Wilbur asked Charlotte if she wants to go to the fair with him. But Charlotte rejected as she is going to lay eggs.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 13 ]]

Chapter 13"Good Progress"
For into the night, while the other creatures slept, Charlotte worked on her web. A spider can produce several kinds of thread. Charlotte decided to use her dry thread for writing the new message. Next morning, when Luvry arrived with breakfast, there was the handsome pig and over him, woolen neatly in block letters, was the word ‘TERRIFIC’. Another miracle.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 14 ]]

Chapter 14"Dr. Dorian"
When Fern was drying the breakfast dishes, Fern told her mother about Charlotte’s story. Her mother doesn’t believe and ask her to stop inventing story. Mrs Arable was very worry about her and Mrs Arable approached Dr Dorian for some advice. Dr Dorian explained that there was nothing to worry so much as Fern is very healthy. Mrs Arable said goodbye to Dr Dorian and thanked him very much for the advice. She felt greatly relieved.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 12 ]]

Chapter 12"A Meeting"
One evening, a few days after the writing had appeared in Charlotte’s web, the spider called a meeting of all the animals in the barn cellar. Charlotte called the meeting in order to get suggestions. She needs new ideas for the web. The goose suggests ‘TERRIFIC’. Charlotte think that the word might impress Zuckerman.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 11 ]]

Chapter 11"The Miracle"
In this chapter, Charlotte weaved some words on her web. The words are “SOME PIG”. When Mr Zuckerman and Lurvy knew about it, they were shocked and soon the whole country knew. People started coming to the barn to have a look about the wonderful pig and of course, Charlotte web. Fern was happy, for she felt that Charlotte trick works and Wilbur’s life would be saved.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 10 ]]

Chapter 10"An Explosion"
First, Avery and Fern were swinging on Zuckerman's famous swing. Fern jumps off the swing and goes to see Wilbur. Avery goes with Fern. Avery sees Charlotte and wants to catch her. He trips on Wilbur's trough and falls. Avery breaks Templeton's rotten egg, which was under Wilbur’s through. It broke and a horrible smell polluted the air

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 9 ]]

Chapter 9"Wilbur's Boast"
Wilbur wanted to spin a web. He asked Templeton for an old dirty string and told Templeton to help him tie the piece of string to his tail. Wilbur failed to spin a web. Wilbur cries as a lamb had insulted him. Charlotte didn’t hesitate to defend for Wilbur and promised to save Wilbur’s life.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 8 ]]

Chapter 8
"A Talk at Home"

Mr and Mrs Arable and Fern were sitting at breakfast in the kitchen. Fern told her parents about what the animals were talking in the barn. After hearing what Fern had said, Mrs Arable was worried because Fern could hear what the animals were talking and she told Mr Arable that she would be taking Fern to see Dr. Dorian. But Fern's father was not worried.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 7 ]]

Chapter 7"Bad News"
Wilbur likes Charlotte better and better as the day goes by and Wilbur get fatter and fatter. Then one day an old sheep came and told him that the true that he will be killed at Christmas time. Wilbur screamed, “I don’t want to die.” And the loyal spider then promise that she would save Wilbur.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 6 ]]

Chapter 6"Summer Days"
School was over so Fern visited the barn almost everyday. The goose eggs hatches. There were eight eggs but there were only seven goslings. The goose said that egg that didn’t hatch was a dud. The goose gave the egg to Templeton and at the same time, they warn the no conscience, no scruples, no consideration, no friendliness, no moral rat not to stay away from the goslings. As all of them knew the rat would kill a gosling if he could get away with it.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 5 ]]

Chapter 5
Wilbur can’t sleep for the night as there is too many things on his mind. Finally the day was here, Wilbur started searching for his new friend. His new friend was a clever spider. Who called herself, “Charlotte”. Wilbur is shocked to find his friend eat files and suck their blood. He was also sad to find Charlotte a blood thirsty, cruel spider. But after hearing the explanation made by Charlotte, he felt better

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 4 ]]

Chapter 4
Soon Wilbur felt very lonely when Fern did not came to visit him because of the bad weather. Thought there’s Templeton to talk sometime. Wilbur felt lonely. Wilbur had asked the lamb, the sheep and Templeton if they can play with him but no one can. In the night, a voice came asking if Wilbur could be its friend.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 3 ]]

Chapter 3"Escape"
Mr Zuckerman was Fern’s uncle who also owns a barn like the Arables. Wilbur lives in the lower part of the barn, underneath the cows. Fern came almost everyday, to visit him. The entire animal soon trusted Fern. Wilbur knew a goose and the goose told him how to get out of the barn. Wilbur escape but soon the Zuckermans learned about the incident. They had a hard time catching Wilbur but soon Mr Zuckerman use a pail of slops and managed to lure Wilbur back into his yard.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 2 ]]

Chapter 2"Wilbur"
For the first few days of his life, Wilbur was allowed to live in a box near the stove in the kitchen. When he was two weeks old, he was moved to a bigger box in the woodshed. Mr Arable fixed a small yard specially for Wilbur under an apple tree. Every morning after breakfast, Wilbur would wait with Fern till the bus come. When Fern got home, Wilbur would follow her round the place. When he was five weeks old, Mr Arable was unwilling to rear Wilbur anymore so he decided to sell Wilbur to Uncle Homer. Fern was unwilling but sill her father was firm about it.

by wilbur
[[ Chapter 1 ]]

Chapter 1"Before Breakfast"
Fern’s sneakers were sobbed by the time she caught up with her father. Fern persuaded her father not to kill the runt. The pig couldn’t help being born small. A queer look comes over John Arable’s face. He agrees to let Fern raise the pig on a bottle, like a baby. When Mr Arable returned, he carried a carton under his arm. He put the carton on Fern’s chair. As Fern approached her chair, she lifted the lid at the carton. Inside was the newborn pig. She could not eat until the pig had a bottle of milk. Mrs Arable poured warm milk into the nursing bottle and hand it to Fern. After the pig had finished the milk, the school bus honked. By the time the bus reach the school, Fern had name her pig, Wilbur.

by wilbur